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Coraggio's Corner - Private

Unread postPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 1:42 am
by Coraggio
Hi everybody,

it has passed something since last time I have written on the forum. I' ve read once a month if there were any news but, in this period, I have restarted most of my life
activities and I have no longer many time to spend here. I create this section and I ask you if you don' t leave any comment here. I would use this corner for me to better find a way to comunicate messages because I' ve always written up and there and I find difficult to search my past comments...

So I want to let you know about 3 objects:
1) Melcangi' s Study
2) My personal researches (what I' ve read in the meanwhile)
3) My personal strategies/lifestyle, what I find better for me to improve with time

Now I' m going to write a post for each ones.
I'm create another thread for better interacting.. please leave this thread without replies! Thnks ;)

So here we go

Re: Coraggio's Corner - Private

Unread postPosted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 2:09 am
by Coraggio
1) Melcangi's STUDY

INTRO: Maybe someone remember that I have fund a research with Professor Melcangi, a neuroendocrinopharmacologist professore of Milan University.
He studies neurosteroids, that are steroid hormones other than sexual o glucocorticoid steroid that are made by glands and, in particulary, by the brain. They are
not yet known by the medical world but tyhey are very important. Neurosteroids act in whole body but they do important things in the brain(anti-depression, pro-social, pro-sexual). Low neurosteroids are involved in many neuropsychiatric diseases. It has been found that SSRI mainly interact altering neurosteroids production and, only in a second place, they modulate the neurostrtansmitters like serotonin.
Melcangi has previously done PFS reasearch in both humans and animals(rats) searching steroid and neurosteroids levels in the: 1) blood, 2) liquor and in animals also dosing post-mortem concentration of these hormones in some brain areas (mainly hippocampus).

WHAT MELCANGI HAD FOUND IN PFS RESEARCHES: it has found that PFS patient had higher blood testosterone, normal levels of estradiol and DHT but low plasma Allopregnanolone(THP) levels. In the liquor and brain it has been found high testosterone levels, low DHT, Low DHP and THP levels with low estradiol levels. These results are diffucult to understand because there is very poor licterature about the theme but, for me, and I think also for Melcangi, altought he doeasn' t want jump to conclusions, these results may tell that there is a central(brain) block of the steroidogenesis ( poor production from progesterone to THP) and this could be because the high testosterone levels( coming from the blood) that is not well converted into DHT and E2 and that downregualtes steroidogenesis's enzymes in the brain.

HYPOTHESYS OF THE STUDY: find similarities studing neurosteroid levels between PFS and PSSD. Melcangi has written a review before, comparing clinical aspects between PFS and PSSD.

STATE OF THE STUDY: Melcangi has just finished to eleborate first datas from the high tech machinary( a SPECT). It has passed a lot of time because mainly there are few machines to use in the University and there is a long cue between researchers. But, mainly, it has happened what is impossible to think, a black out during a week end some months ago so the rat brain tissues freezed had been maybe damaged a little. In fact, he has analised that tissues and he has found a big statistical variability. So, now, he wants to re-make the esperiment from the beginnig to find good data ( not so variable). It is early to speak but the first evidences are there is a similitude in the hormonal pannel between PFS and PSSD.
So, let's see...