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PSSD and the pelvic floor thing

Unread postPosted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:22 am
by Trazohell
Hello forum,

After a long time I would like to announce my status and ask if pelvic floor problems are now an integral part of PSSD or a separate problem.

I, including various other forum members such as Bunny complained of pelvic floor pain that could be eliminated by physiotherapy. While Bunny needed other things like lithium, Faith could only be cured by physiotherapy and possibly hormone blanace (unfortunately he did not write anything more about that).
The user Dangerwood, who was cured by the MDMA / Shrooms combo, said that the pelvic floor then feels normal again.
I am now approaching the two year mark and still do not know if I have PSSD or CPPS.
But how would a pure pelvic floor problem explain things like anhedonia, no reaction to alcohol etc?
My testicles are sometimes still awful like an old man's and the skin is always shiny then.
He is now more often round and "crisp" than in the first PSSD year, and the skin looks then normal too, but there are still these terrible phases and the numbness is almost unchanged.
The penis root is still hardened while the core feels like rubber. I did pelvic floor relaxations exercises like a crazy one and apart from the physiotherapy, that got rid of my pain, they could not do anything for me.
These phases speak in my opinion more for neurotransmitters and / or hormones than permanent muscle dysfunction.
Some will still not believe that that Trazodone can fuck you via serotonin receptors, it should not significantly have an SSRI effect until 150 mg, but Jin was already fucked up by only 50 mg.
At most the amplification of serotonergic neurotransmission via 5HT1 by 5HT2 blocking would be suspected, where we would again be in the classical 5ht1 desensitization theory. Also think about the people who developed PSSD like symptoms only through Agomelatine or Mirtazapine (both 5HT2 antagonist). But something still tells me that the strong adrenergic receptor antagonism (which has something to do with the binding of epinephrine and norepinephrine) or the m-CPP metabolite (considered a serotonin agonist) could still be behind it.
So you see, Trazodon has a terrible potential to break you up :/

However, does anyone else have problems with pelvic floor and could eliminate them?
I thought on Yohimbine (natural α ANTAGONIST) or Guanfacine (it works as a an α AGONIST wich is the opposite effect from Trazodone (a guy cured his hard flaccid with this, which is semilar to my symptoms).
I need something that works, just recently at a festival and having sex with a girl, I have noticed again how anhedonic in my soul and numb I am still down there. It's more existing instead of living and I'm really sick of it.
Some other Trazodon victims Trazedy and Dalmatian seems to heal naturally, but Zadig (suicide), Steven and me are so unhappy :(


Re: PSSD and the pelvic floor thing

Unread postPosted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 10:45 am
by Trazohell
Nobody has something to say about the seemingly important pelvic floor?

Here are some quotes from a PFS sufferer guy with that I wrote on reddit:

"I think trazodone, much like finastseride, accutane, jelqing, SSRIs, ect created anxiety/nocebo which translated into panic and health distress which is more likely the ultimate source of the issue.
It just doesn't seem possible that a drug with limited reported side effects can fuck you up so long after."

"The founder of the PSSD forum (ghost) literally posted on the hard flaccid forum recently saying he thinks PSSD was pelvic floor dysfunction all along.
You can waste your time like I did for 3 years and like everyone on propeciahelp has and think that you're cursed because of a pill or you can address the underlying issues. If you were prescribed SSRIs at all you're already in the long tail of anxiety."

"I hope you can recognize that if you are someone who has been prescribed numerous anti depressants you're someone who is like 100x more susceptible to a somataform disorder than a normal person. This is true of me as well. Believe me I thought pelvic floor as the cause of this was BS for 3 years and didn't even consider learning more. But Headache in the Pelvis, which the definitive text on pelvic floor and written by the best experts there are (stanford guys, way better than the shitty Italian guy studying PFS) blew my mind. It deeply stresses how central depression and anxiety are to these issues.
I don't think Trazadone and Finasteride literally did nothing, I think they had destabilizing mental effects they do for many people (Finasteride has been associated with neurotic behavior when administered to rats and inhibits important anxiolytic neurosteroids) and in a certain population of men who are predisposed this manifests in chronic pelvic floor issues. It proves to be a super difficult issue to treat bc like no doctors know shit about pelvic floor, especially for men and there's a lot of scary shit online that makes it easy to freak out and think you're fucked, which greatly worsens the emotional issues that caused this in the first place.
The pelvic floor issues aren't ones where we need like kegels, imo it's that your bulbospongiosus and icshio get tense in the way your whole body does under anxiety (which cortisol DOES hormonally effect) and since these muscles aren't under conscious control they can just stay that way for a long time
Learning to physically relax again is important and I haven't been able to since this started. I'm like always kind of wired up but tired as a consequence."

I really do not know what else to believe. It feels muscular but anhedonia and Brainfog certainly do not come from the pelvic floor or the prostate. But think of Ghost, Bunny, Faith ... they all reported progress or even healing after physiotherapy. The cause has to be investigated.

Re: PSSD and the pelvic floor thing

Unread postPosted: Sun Aug 04, 2019 12:35 pm
by Trazohell
Well, then believe that you are fucked because of a pill.
From now on, I will consistently pursue other approaches and not report about my healing for this ignorance and improprieties. Have fun with Neurotransmitter research.

Re: PSSD and the pelvic floor thing

Unread postPosted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 8:16 am
by Dalmatian
I also feel like there is at least partially nocebo effect here. You, me and Trazedy all knew about PSSD and that's why we took trazodone because we thought it was a safe drug for sexuallity, but yet we found ourselves here in this dark place. It could be that a combination of real side effects and our fears and anxiety has put our body in a state of tension which prevents natural healing. Specifically in my case I have big oscillations in symptoms from day to day... it appears that my body is trying to heal and each time it makes a big progress it eventually always crashes for some reason. Even faith mentioned that his problem was a combination of a hormonal problem and tension created by anxiety. It's like we're stuck in a magical circle. I have no doubt that drugs induced this but something in our mind or within our bodies is preventing us from healing.