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Re: Forum News (Locked)

Unread postPosted: Mon Jul 15, 2019 6:33 pm
by Ghost
Forum Rules have been updated. I had thought this was obvious but apparently it needs to be explicitly stated.

After discussion between the moderators, we have re-confirmed that:

1) We have no control over the content that users post on other platforms - and won't punish for it
2) A post from a user does not reflect the views of the forum or it's moderators
3) We will not (under normal circumstances) delete posts which do not break the PSSD Forum rules. As noted above, this DOES NOT equal an endorsement form either moderators or the forum at large.

The rules have been updated to reflect this change. Please reach with any questions/concerns.


When browsing the PSSD Forum, you are required to remember that most users are not qualified to give any medical advice. Therefore do not consider any information on this site to be medical advice. This site has been made without the help of medical professionals, and is simply a community for PSSD sufferers to build connections and research new treatment options.

On the PSSD Forum, there may be references to work by researchers or medical professionals. These inclusions are not substitutes for medical advice with your doctor, and the professionals mentioned have not endorsed or screened forum content in any way. They are not in any way responsible for what you do with information collected here – Which has been publicly displayed by them elsewhere on the internet.

The PSSD Forum and its moderation team does not endorse the views of its users. We (the administrators and moderators) will enforce PSSD Forum rules to our best ability, and retain the right to remove any content that we deem is in conflict with the above rules. No post on the forum equates to an endorsement from either moderators or the PSSD Forum at large. We encourage user feedback and self-reporting of rule violations to help us enforce these rules, but final decisions will be made by the moderation team. We will not delete messages or ban users based on personal feuds, and do not enforce punishments for the views and actions of users outside of their content on the PSSD Forum.