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Charlie-80 introduction

Unread postPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 11:00 am
by Charlie-80
Hello to everybody

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------medication history--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10/2009 - 5/2016: many ssri antidepressants, without sex. side effects except deleyd orgasm (temporarily), which was super, becouse I suffered from premature ejaculation !
risperidone 1mg - very low libido, erectile dysfunction - 100% recovery after discontinuation
quetiapine 100mg - a little lower libido, but quite good

6/2016 - 12/2016 : sulpiride 50 mg - second-third day after 1.dose - libido went down to zero, erectile dysfunction, strong effects on my psyche (strongly calmed down), sexual side effects didnt resolve after discontinuation

1/2017 : without medication, libido almost on zero, erectile dysfunction, very little arousal - no change on the end of this month - I suspected something bad

2/2017 - 5/2017 : olanzapin (10mg ?), libido and arousal stayed very very low, erectile dysfunction

6/2017 - 7/2017 : aripiprazol 10mg, very low libido, very low arousal, erectile dysfunction, end cold turkey

7/2017 - 9/2017 : without medication, sexual dysfunctions as months before. No genital anesthesia !!! No degradation of womens beauty !!! - this happened after second cure with aripiprazol !!!

10/2017 - 12/2017 : aripiprazol 10 mg, sexual dysfunctions as months before, end cold turkey

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------no medication period------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1/2018 - 2/2018 : I waited for return of sexual functions (the reason of stopping medication) in a few first days-weeks after discontinuation, but it became worst. I noticed genital anesthesia in addition and I totally lost arousal when
I saw a nice woman. To see a nice woman was for me the same as to see at brick wall ! Libido was on zero level, I mastrubated only therefore I wanted to it be as before. Erection was only with manual stimulation,
orgasm and satisfaction was about 50%, my penis shrinked, no morning wood. I felt my penis is not connected with my brain, I felt its absolutely non-erotical part of my body. I thought it could be due high prolactin or residues
of medicaments in my body and waited for return of my sex. functions.

2/2018 : I got first weak window (about 15%) for 1 day

3/2018 : I went to sexuologist. Testosteron was at normal level and it was clear to me that I have PSSD (PAPSD), which I read on internet about. Sexuologist said, its due my depression, but I didnt believe him.
I have mental problems since my 14 years and it never affected my very good sexual functions. I said to my psychologist about long-term side effects after treatment, and she confirmed it can happen when is
someone sensitive, but it could be due illnes too (I didnt tell she about my sex. problems due shame).
PSSD (PAPSD) is not for me so much catastrophic, im asocial man who probably would never have a long-term relationship and family. But I wanted to enjoy sex more, what a pity ..

4/2018 : I started to take some supplements: pyridoxin, b-complex, fish oil, later magnesium, vitamin E and Q10 and lecithin.
My genital anesthesia has recovered suddenly to about 70% ! and it lasts to today! I dont remember if it was before or after I started supplementing. The shape of my penis has improved too, sometimes morning wood.
But libido is still at zero level, no arousal. I got this month two very weak (5%) short (a few hours) windows. I noticed women are very little attractive to me (maybe 1%)-constantly. But I still couldnt understand, why men insert
their penises into womens vaginas (before taking sulpiride it was the biggest pleasure in the world for me). I got feeling that my skin on face isnt so sensitive as before, this is better now.
What is bad, insomnia developed at me. I sleep about 2-4 hours a day, before PAPSD it was always at least 8 hours.

5/2018 : Sometimes I feel something like libido (very weak) - taste to pshysical contact with women. Women are a little more attractive for me (maybe 2%). Weak window with erection from visual stimuli. Almost daily morning wood.
I started to feel more emotions.


It should be written in the leaflet that this long-term side effects can happen. In this case I wouldnt take them or only in my hardest times..

Please what supplement would you suggest to me against PSSD after antipsychotics (PAPSD) ? Should I try inositol? Is it absolutely safe ? Causes inositol temporary or permanent changes ?

Sorry for bad english

Re: Charlie-80 introduction

Unread postPosted: Sat May 12, 2018 11:28 am
by Juvo
Hi! Thanks for joining us. The first thing you want to do is read over the WordPress site front to back if you haven't - especially the "What's been tried" section.

It sounds like you've got the basic blood tests out of the way. This is important so that when you start experimenting you can see if you're negatively impacting your hormones and physiology.

Good diet and sleep - these are important and while they might not cure you, they'll make this ride much less miserable.

Consider donating your Genome sequence to Ghost's genome project.


The more Ghost gets the better as trends and probabilities can be inferred from the data and perhaps lead us in a better treatment direction.

Re: Charlie-80 introduction

Unread postPosted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:54 am
by Charlie-80
Edit 9/2018:
-no change in sexuality
-but sleep is sometimes better, sometimes only about 3 hours. Very often with dreems but its not as deep as before. I feel my brain is tired during a day and my mind isnt as sharp as before. This si the most important issue for me.
-I lost taste to nikotine, suddenly. I started to smoke cigaretts in July and after 4 cigaretts from second box I realized I feel absolutely no pleasure from nikotine. Today I feel a little pleasure but its not as god as before.
-My seasickness has fully disappeared. I always had strong nausea for example during sightseeing flight. But today the flight in small plane is absolutely without nausea, this is very good :-)