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Unread postPosted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 9:30 pm
by NotARobot
This story is not about me, it is about my wife of 22 years that has been struggling with the loss of her libido for way too long. We started dating when she was 14 and I was 15, and we have been together for 30 years total.

My wife's medical history is very complex and spans so many years and so many doctors that we have forgotten many of the details. This is the first time that I've ever attempted to document her complete history. I will try to capture as many of the details as possible.

At 15 years old she had a normal to high teenage libido. Her mother put her on birth control pills. Shortly after this, she started getting severely depressed. Her mother took her to a psychiatrist who put her on Prozac. After a few months on Prozac, she had suicidal ideation and tried overdosing by taking a hand full of Prozac. That's the first time I really intervened and forced her to throw them up and talked her down. I convinced her and her family to stop the Prozac.

After the Prozac her libido was practically gone. Her doctor's thought it was the birth control pills causing it, so over the next few years her doctor's changed her birth control every 1-2 years. She was put on Wellbutrin because they thought that depression was causing the libido issues, and it had the least sexual side effects. The libido seemed to return to about 20%, which was better than the 10% she was at, on the Wellbutrin, but she started getting hives which she thought were caused by the Wellbutrin, so she stopped taking it. Her libido returned back to about 20% on Wellbutrin, but seemed to drop again after stopping it. Eventually she stopped taking the birth control, and the libido returned to about 30%, which was probably related to her overwhelming desire to have kids, and we ended up having a wonderful baby girl.

After having the baby at 24 she was dealing with depression again and was put on Effexor. That completely killed her libido and had other bad side effects. Around that time she was also diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer and had her Thyroid removed. The doctors then assumed that all of her problems up until this point were because her Thyroid was not functioning correctly for who knows how long, and that once her T4 and T3 were under control with synthroid, everything would get better, but it got worse. Her thyroid tests were looking good, but the depression was still very overwhelming. They decided to switch her off of the Effexor to Cymbalta. The withdrawal from Effexor was really bad. The Cymbalta made her worse and she had some suicidal ideation again. The libido was back down to 0%. They switched her back to Wellbutrin. She has been taking Wellbutrin XL 300mg now for several years and no birth control since having our second kid. Her libido is still 0% most of the time.

Her high tolerance to alcohol is unbelievable. She needs to drink the hard stuff to get a buzz, and has to drink an amount that makes her feel sick before getting the point where she is drunk. She only drinks about once per month since it takes so much to do anything.

She is also a medical marijuana patient and vapes THC about 4 or 5 times a month, and has a really high tolerance to that as well before feeling an impact. If she takes a THC pill, it usually takes over 3 hours before she feels the effect, if she feels it at all. It takes 10-20 hits off the vape before she feels high. I have the same effect from 3-5 hits.

Lately the only thing that puts a dent in her libido is when she is high or drunk and gets past her tolerance levels, which takes a toll on her the next day.

My theory was that the birth control pills did something to permanently change her hormones that did not recover after discontinuing. We were not aware of PSSD until recently. Now looking back through her history it was probably the antidepressants the whole time.

Recent Test Results

Cortisol - AM 18.3mcg/dL (normal range 4.5-22.7)
DHEA 592 ng/dL (normal range 31-701)
DHEA-Sulfate 156 mcg/dL (normal range < 188)
Estradiol 58 pg/mL
Progesterone 0.2 ng/mL
Testosterone - Serum 45ng/dL (normal range 8-48)
Testosterone - Free 4.4pg/dL (normal range 0.0-4.2)
Vitamin D 25 Hydroxy 38.5ng/mL (normal range 30.0-100.0)
FSH 22.4mIU/mL (follicular phase normal 2.0-11.6)
LH 10.7mIU/mL (follicular phase normal 2.6-12.1)
Lipase 163U/L (normal range 23-300 U/L)
SHGB 42.9nmol/L (normal range 20-100)
T4 Free 2.15ng/dL (normal 0.90-1.80)
T3 Free 3.58pg/dL (normal 2.80-5.30)
TSH 0.55mcIU/mL (normal 0.35-5.50)

The following are supplements that she has tried:

Vitamin D3 + K2
Vitamin B12
Folinic Acid
Vitamin C
Niacinimide (B3)
Vitamin E
Progesterone Cream
Probiotics (Mood Super Strains)
ZMA (Zinc Magnesium B6)

We have been combining these into many different stacks that I've been tracking in a spreadsheet, but none of them have made a difference. Estrogen dominance was a possibility, but when we tried progesterone about 2 years ago she was overwhelmed with being sad and depressed and had to stop. There was no change to libido after a few weeks, so we stopped.

At this point she is desperate for anything to feel human again. Any help or guidance on what to do next would be greatly appreciated!

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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 5:22 am
by kpavel
Depression long time ago was associated with TSH response. Looking through tests I only see that your wife's TSH isn't high. There's a drug stimulating TRH (which in turn could raise TSH). And I think doctors are aware of such possibility since its a standard practice, at least was. ... ng_hormone
TRH may stimulate orexin
and this may lead to improvement in pleasure response.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:53 pm
by NotARobot
kpavel wrote:Depression long time ago was associated with TSH response. Looking through tests I only see that your wife's TSH isn't high. There's a drug stimulating TRH (which in turn could raise TSH). And I think doctors are aware of such possibility since its a standard practice, at least was. ... ng_hormone
TRH may stimulate orexin
and this may lead to improvement in pleasure response.

Thank you for the feedback!

My wife had her thyroid removed around 18 years ago. She takes T4 (synthroid). Her TSH is usually between 0.1 and 1. Her endocrinologists usually run the TSH test about once every 3 months, and if the TSH level ever goes above 2, its showing that the hypothalamus is not detecting enough thyroid hormones in the blood and is signalling the pituitary with TRH. TRH would then trigger both TSH and Prolactin. She has never been tested for Prolactin, but I suspect it is also low since the TSH is kept so low. High Prolactin could be related to a low libido, but she does not exhibit any of the other symptoms like acne, hirsutism, or nipple leaking.

I was not familiar with Orexin and just read up on it. Her sleep is mostly normal, sleeping around 8 hours per night. She has issues turning her brain off at night and falling asleep sometimes.

In addition to Wellbutrin, she also takes Xanax to deal with social situations, but only takes 2 or 3 pills a month. She has social anhedonia, and doesn't like going out with friends anymore, and when she does, she feels uncomfortable and embarrassed and wants to leave ASAP or has to take a xanax. She also has physical anhedonia issues (hugging, holding hands, and other touching feels alien to her).

Some other strange symptoms that she has: tinnitus (ringing in the ears constantly), misophonia (sensitive to the sound of others chewing), random onset of hives and swelling (occurs about once per year on average, but we have been unable to determine the trigger or any food or contact that was unique to each event), and mild to moderate eczema on her hands and feet.

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Unread postPosted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 11:50 pm
by kpavel
I think I understand, it's no pleasure if you feel tense and sensitive to sounds, looks etc. MIsophonia, that's how it's called))
Zinc for example can exacerbate this.

Is adiponectin measuring available in your place of living? It was found low in depression, panic and ocd. ... nectin+ocd
There are many ways to increase it.

I found this tinnitus study, as you use cannabis
And this for eczema
Looks logical, even for Japanese) ... 3018300145

Also FSH double out of range in period when sexual motivation is highest makes me confused :o .